Monday, June 30, 2008

Busy, Busy

June was a pretty busy month for us. The babies transitioned out of their Miracle Blankets and swaddles, got baptized, celebrated their first Father's Day, started "eating" rice cereal, and went to the zoo to see the animals and their cousin Creeper. We're sure July will be just as busy, and we're ready for it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Five Months of Personality

It's June, and there were some dark days in February where we weren't even sure if we would get to this month. But here we are. The kids are five months old, and they are an absolute delight. Sure, Jane gets a little pesky during her naps, and Tanner likes to squawk really early in the morning, and don't even get us started on transitioning them out of their swaddles, but really, things are going fairly swimmingly. I mean, look at those faces. We can't complain.
Their personalities are starting to emerge more and more, and it's interesting to note the characteristics each has from their parents. Jane is always warm and sports sweaty hair quite a bit, like her dad, whereas Tanner's body temp is a little cooler, like his mom's. Tanner is mellow most of the time, like his dad, and Jane is really jumpy and pretty loud, like her mom (she likes to shriek in the middle of Babies R Us) (Jane, not Mom) (okay, both). Tanner is what Mike calls an "attention hound"—pay attention to him, smile a little, and he will usually smile right back, delighted to be the center of attention (like Mom, as if we need to specify). Jane is a little more guarded, like her dad—she needs to feel out the situation, check out the person or room at hand, before she gives in and gets personal with smiles and emotions. They're both as cute as the dickens, like their dad.

We're looking forward to a fun summer with these rapscallions.