Friday, September 26, 2008


Big things are a-happening around our house. The twins are getting over their first case of the sickies (Tanner had a pretty bad runny nose and stuffy nose; Jane just had a little bit of a runny nose; we held a barf-o-rama here this past weekend). Tanner can move all over, and today he picked up a puff and put it into his mouth by himself for the first time (usually they just get stuck to his palm and end up on the floor). Jane has a second tooth coming in, and she babbles all the time. They're going to be headed for college before we know it! We just hope they're not still wearing diapers then...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Eight Months Young

Dang, how the time flies. The kids are both sitting up, and pretty much everything goes into their mouths these days. Jane's got a tooth coming in, and they're back to being pretty good sleepers. Now we've got to invest in some new car seats to hold the little fatty boombalatties.