Monday, October 27, 2008

First Trip to the ER

Poor little Janie. It started out innocently enough; we just figured she was getting Tanner's cold. But when her breathing became extremely labored, her chest was concave, and she was moaning in misery, we made a four a.m. trip to the emergency room. Formal diagnosis: bronchiolitis, a viral lung infection that is just no fun at all. Jane spent three days in the hospital with Mom (taking lots of little naps on our chests) while Dad took care of Tanner at home (and visited the hospital twice, thanks to Aunt Ju Ju, Uncle Spencer, and our babysitter). Jane finally came home with oxygen and a nebulizer on Saturday evening. The girls were relieved to be back with the boys, and the boys were delighted the girls were finally home. Jane is on the mend, smiling and laughing and stealing Tanner's toys, and we're hopeful she continues to get better.

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arahsae said...

Oh no!

I'm glad both of you are back home and hope Jane gets back on her feet (metaphorically speaking) ASAP.